We attack your risks before they attack your success.

Cyber threats. Natural disasters. Supply chain disruption. Extreme environments.

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Mitigating Risk in Difficult Places.

BH Defense is a trusted partner for risk assessment, mitigation, and prevention for government, military and commercial organizations in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. With a track record of 100% success in mitigating risks in the world’s most difficult environments (including current on-the-ground operations in Iraq), BH Defense delivers air-tight plans for securing every facet of critical infrastructure. Plus BH Defense uses hands-on expertise with security, logistics, training and construction to put those plans into action—fast and flawlessly. From hackers, corruption or natural disasters at home, to risks that threaten market expansion or war zone operations, BH Defense improves the certainty of success no matter what.

Solutions for Every Type of Risk

Technology Partners

  • NF Labs
  • Bosch
  • Air Patrol
  • Garmin