BH Defense: Battle-Tested and Big on Details

BH Defense LLC is a small, agile security firm with the expertise to attack big risks for government, military and commercial enterprises anywhere in the world. Since 2004, we’ve achieved 100% success on projects to mitigate clients’ risks and “get the job done” with security, logistics, O&M, construction, training and project management under the most difficult conditions.

“We’ve never failed on a project because we’ve never failed to play out even the smallest details that could put people, assets and success at risk.”

C. Patrick Dublin
BH Defense CEO

With end-to-end risk mitigation resources, BH Defense can plug a single vulnerability or secure an entire enterprise. From the world of international business, to remote areas and developing nations, we understand where threats exist and how to mitigate them. In fact, because of the expertise we apply to risk identification and mitigation—plus our battle-tested, on-the-ground experience in getting things done— BH Defense is the only U.S. government contractor continuing full support operations during the current crisis in Iraq.

BH Defense at a Glance

  • Capabilities: Critical infrastructure risk assessment and enterprise risk mitigation planning. On-the-ground execution, including: physical, personnel, IT and Ether security; logistics; project management; construction and training.
  • Personnel: Expertise is concentrated in a small, elite team of senior risk mitigation specialists and engineers who have led achieved success with projects in the world’s most challenging business, political, and geographic environments. In addition, we currently employ a global network of more than 50 full-time, fully vetted personnel from five different countries and can quickly deploy technical, professional, and security personnel to meet clients’ needs as they arise.
  • Reach: with the ability to deliver end-to-end mitigation resources, BH Defense can plug a single vulnerability or secure an entire enterprise from threats that include contamination, natural disasters, power disruption, hackers, criminals, terrorists and insider threats. This reach is vital because today’s critical infrastructure is so interdependent that BH Defense can deliver truly custom risk mitigation plans and also deliver on everything needed to put them into action.
  • Locations: BH Defense is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia with offices in Baghdad, Iraq; Amman, Jordan; and Limassol, Cyprus.