BH Defense draws on years of extensive experience solving logistical challenges in difficult environments. We’ve mastered export and import restrictions on everything from weapons and ammo, construction supplies, and IT equipment. We’ve carved out routes through even the most hostile territories. And we’ve built a network of third-party vendors we know we can trust because we’ve vetted them for so many years on so many tough assignments. So if you need to get something from point A to point B—fast, safe and secure—call BH Defense. We’ll roll up our sleeves immediately, make the calls, get a team organized and get your shipment in motion along with all the paperwork needed to meet legal requirements for all the agencies and jurisdictions involved. And your shipment will arrive when and where you need it. We’re certain, because we have successfully completed this work so many, many times.

  • Weapons and Ammunition: BH Defense provides in country security, transportation, storage, and accountability for major US supplier.
  • Furniture and Equipment: BH Defense procured, shipped, installed, and continues to maintain accountability support for major academic facility in Iraq.
  • Construction Materials: BH Defense has provided IT, and physical security equipment and repair parts in support of construction projects global.

REAL-WORLD EXPERTISE: BH Defense managed all labor, equipment and supplies for force protection ant all Entry Control Points within the Baghdad IZ. BH Defense also constructed a man-camp to Support Regime Crimes Liaison Office (RCLO) operations and provide full life support for the camp, including food service, force protection systems O&M, and static security.

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