BH Defense Training Solutions

Our innovative and time-tested approach implemented by highly experienced professionals ensures customer satisfaction in the government and commercial marketplace.

BH Defense team members have a proven track record of training, mentoring, and leading high profile personal protection staff that secure top-level dignitaries globally.

Globally, we are prepared to embed international advisers with units throughout their rigorous training cycle and sensitive operations.

BH Defense “Modus Operandi”

We employ highly qualified instructors in order to create specific curriculum for:

  • Host national Professional Military Education (PME)
  • Operational training & Tactical support to the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, host national Ministries of Defense and Ministries of Interior
  • Advanced soldier and unit fire and maneuver training
  • Advanced rural & urban combat training
  • Advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance training
  • Collection management training
  • Technical support to Human Infrastructure Training (HUMINT)
  • Long-range individual weapons training
  • Target Acquisition training (TA)
  • Movement to contact training
  • Offensive and defensive operations training
  • Specializing in Covert, overt, clandestine, and asymmetric warfare training

BH Defense is committed to providing the intellectual knowhow and direct support necessary to enable our customers to successfully prosecute future missions and technical goals while working in non-permissive environments globally “anytime anywhere”.

REAL-WORLD EXPERTISE: BH Defense trained and mentored the personal protection staff for a top-level dignitary. We hired instructors and created the curriculum for a Professional Military Education (PME) campus focused on developing Iraq’s military leadership to include administration, operations, facilities and teaching excellence.

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