How BH Defense Works

BH Defense identifies and integrates end-to-end risk mitigation resources. Our risk mitigation methodology includes consulting, execution and monitoring/evolution of safeguards and we tailor our deliverables for each client’s unique environment, goals and operational needs.

BH Defense has the staff with the experience to tailor a solution to your requirements whether they be competition or event driven. We have developed a multi-disciplinary approach toward meeting your objectives:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Decision Support
  • Execution
  • Post-execution analysis, lessons learned, and life cycle support

BH Defense can tailor a solution unique to your requirements or provide the full package, turnkey, as you may decide.
For example, we assisted in the design, construction, and protection of the first, post-war criminal court in Iraq and we performed this work in a strategic partnership with an Iraqi construction company.  Our efforts served as the design basis for all new criminal court construction funded by the Army Corps of Engineers in Basra, Mosul, Hilla, Rusafa, and Baghdad.

  1. Consulting/Assessment:
    • Threat assessment
    • Mitigation plan
    • Mitigation plan drives recommendations: technology, products, services, practices
  2. Execution:
    • Guns, guards, gates
    • Background checks (knowing who your employees really are)
    • IT security for the network and data
    • Ether security for making the invisible visible
  3. Monitoring and continuing evolution
    • Where new threats/risks are emerging
    • Where new technologies can strengthen risk protection