Why do you need a risk mitigation partner now?

The only thing growing faster than today’s opportunities are today’s risks. Political and religious differences have turned many areas of the world into war zones. In addition, business (like warfare itself) is becoming asymmetrical with new types of threats emerging out of nowhere.

Why Partner with BHD Now?

Risk Calculator: Which Risks Could Undercut Your Success and How Much Could they Cost You? 

3 factors that raise the stakes—and ROI— for risk mitigation

  1. The prevalence of threats is growing. Traditional threats such as natural disasters, corruption, disgruntled employees and political or business espionage and sabotage can quickly disrupt any enterprise from a local business or small city to a multinational corporation or major government initiatives. In addition, new threats are emerging—from cyber attacks to new risks of contamination or power disruption.
  2. Enterprises are so technology dependent. Today, even a small network outage or security breach can bring operations to a standstill and leave people and sensitive information vulnerable. Plus, technology is increasingly being targeted by insiders and malicious hackers who may attack systems not for political or financial motivation, but simply for the recognition of hacking a high-profile or high-security system.
  3. Critical infrastructure has become so interdependent. If one aspect of infrastructure goes down it can affect everything. For example, a disruption in a region’s power supply can quickly disrupt the water supply, government services, healthcare, transportation, finance and communications.

What happens if risks aren’t mitigated? Not identifying, anticipating and mitigating risks can cost an enterprise everything. Lives can be at stake. So can money and infrastructure. Even a short disruption of service can derail a successful operation with negative PR, falling stock prices or public trust, regulatory violations, and more.

That’s why BH Defense can make all the difference. We combine our own depth of experience with services offered by our vetted partners to find and mitigate risk across the enterprise and throughout the environment.