As a leading provider of security solutions, BH Defense specializes in identifying security program strengths and weaknesses by providing tailored assessment and training services.

Our team of risk mitigation consultants, project management specialists, security professionals, O&M and logistic support experts is continuously on the ground and expanding support operations to mitigate risk and ensure operational stability. Our staff will meet or exceed all the requirements that are identified. BHD will apply extensive experience to any project and provide a plan of action that is resilient and enables us to conform our programs to our client’s requirements.

BHD Specializes in Facility Security Support

  • Closed Caption TV/Cameras
  • Intrusion Detection/Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Active and Passive Barrier Systems
  • Command and Control Centre Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Ballistics Protection
  • Perimeter Solutions
  • Biometric ID System
  • Systems Integration

BHD Specializes in Risk Mitigation

  • Threat Assessments
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Audits and Reviews
  • Advance Site Survey
  • SOP/Policy Development
  • Conflict Assessment
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Economic Surety
  • Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessments
  • Emergency Management and Planning

REAL-WORLD EXPERTISE: BH Defense installed advanced physical surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control and alarm systems for a major international oil company based in the Mideast. BH Defense also provided force protection and advanced personnel screening at each ECP and checkpoint in the Baghdad IZ from 2005 through turnover to the Government of Iraq in June 2010. Elements included CCTV, vehicle barriers, X-ray baggage scanners and other force protection systems and equipment.

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