BH Defense provides comprehensive project management & construction management (PM/CM) services for governments and organizations worldwide. Effectively tailored to achieve the client’s cost, time and quality goals, BH Defense core strengths include the ability to adapt to a changing environment and solving the myriad problems unique to each new project. Our experience enables us to innovate, adapt, and overcome obstacles to the projects’ success.

We have a proven past performance in the following areas:

  • Construction Management
  • Design Strategies (Force Protection and Pre-Build Considerations)
  • Design Build projects in Non-permissive Environments
  • Environmental Engineering Site Layout and Design Oversight
  • Pre-construction Vulnerability Assessments
  • Technology Integration Supporting Host Nationals and Considerations
  • Explosive Blast and Mission Essential Standoffs Distances
  • Identifying the Trade Offs of Facility Lay Out and Design
  • Recognizing the Impact of Facility Orientation
  • Build Design Anti-Terrorism Measures (Pre-Build and Existing)
  • Provide Unclassified Case Studies in Support of Construction
  • Provide Low Profile Vehicle and Personnel Barriers
  • Incorporate Electronic Screening Systems and Entry Controls

REAL-WORLD EXPERTISE: BH Defense has completed a number of sensitive interagency and DoD projects over the years. Currently we are managing and monitoring local national laborers and contractors on a major Mideast construction project. Examples are MNF-I, USF-I, FBI, and others.

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