We have battle-tested solutions for keeping transportation operations secure. BH Defense has many years experience keeping freight—including high-value infrastructure components—moving from point to point without getting held in customs and without anything bad happening along the way. We do it successfully time after time because we know the industry inside and out. We also know the right vendors to count on and the routes to take (and not to take) in terms of roadways and regulatory procedures. Bottom line, BH Defense has everything it takes to move cargo between countries and hostile environments so that deliverables show up: intact and on time.

REAL-WORLD EXPERTISE: For the North Refineries Company, BH Defense provided the security planning for movement of the first HFO shipments from Bayji, Iraq to the Jordanian border in 2007. This was made possible using tribal relationships developed through personal contact in Anbar and SalaHaddin provinces. BH Defense also initiated the delivery of aviation fuel from NRC in Bayji to Najaf, Irbil and other airports from 2009 until late 2010.

BH Defense also offers complete LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS