Why to Choose BH Defense as Your Security Partner

No company providing security systems, risk management, engineering and construction can surpass BH Defense’s record of performing successful engagements in the world’s most hazardous environments with ZERO serious injuries to employees, clients, partners or civilians.

No firm offers the consulting expertise to create an air-tight risk mitigation plan plus the “on the ground” experience and resources to execute that plan from start to finish and then to keep on monitoring performance and adapting equipment, construction, training, technology, policies and practices to neutralize new risks as they emerge.

And no firm has better past performance—100% success on every project.

9 reasons to trust BH Defense with your success:

  1. 100% successful past performance. We have never failed on a project and there has never been a serious injury to civilians, employees or partners associated with our work. If BH Defense can deliver success — and safety— in Iraq, the company can do it in any environment.
  2. BH Defense’s depth of expertise with security, logistics, supply chain, construction management, project management and training translates to any organization that must deploy equipment, secure critical infrastructure, and protect people, assets and workflow—locally or worldwide.
  3. At the forefront of technology—BH Defense can find solutions to any risk scenario by deploying proven solutions in new ways and giving clients access to advanced, reliable, and perfect-fit technologies that aren’t yet mainstream in non-military markets.
  4. We excel at best value —creating custom solutions from COTS and preconfigured components.
  5. We know how to build from zero. Our experience amid devastation and lack of infrastructure in war zones, for instance, is of direct value in helping government and private organizations not only recover from the aftermath of a natural disaster like a hurricane, but to put plans in place ahead of time that make all the difference in getting back to “normal” faster.
  6. You get a plan plus a partner to execute that plan—we don’t produce recommendations and walk away. We take action to take of care risks and monitor new threats as they emerge.
  7. BH Defense is entirely vendor-neutral. This frees us to make the right risk mitigation recommendations, and it frees you to operate confidently— knowing you’ve gotten the absolute best solution at the absolute best value.
  8. BH Defense has been on the ground in Iraq —one of the world’s most hostile environments—since 2003. In fact, we’re the only US government support contractor continuing full support operations during the current crisis in Iraq. We thrive because we understand where threats exist and how to mitigate them, and we understand how to deliver when everything – including lives — depend on us getting everything right. And BH Defense always gets it right.
  9. ISO Certification —BH Defense is well-underway with ISO certification for the quality assurance program that backs our risk-mitigation methodology. This is virtually unheard of in this field. Other companies may have pieces of ISO certification for pieces of the risk-management continuum, but BH Defense is being ISO certified across its entire risk-mitigation methodology.