BH Defense Partners with NFLabs for real-time risk mitigation using Big Data

Through its strategic partnership with NFLabs, security firm BH Defense LLC harnesses the analytic power of NFLabs’ Peloton real-time Big Data engine to provide advanced security solutions and risk mitigation tools for federal agencies and commercial clients in difficult, quickly evolving environments.

According to CEO Charley Dublin, by developing custom Peloton algorithms, BH Defense can use Big Data in real-time to collect, filter, format and integrate critical information.

“Bottom line, by knowing what adversaries don’t, we can create give customers the edge in mitigating risks and securing their assets, infrastructure, personnel and mission.”

Developed by NFLabs, a South Korean enterprise software company specializing in solutions to simplify Big Data, the Peloton engine uses different data pipelines than typical “data wrangling” solutions or ETL tools. This accelerates analysis so BH Defense can use the engine to create real-time views of everything from business metrics to interactive data discovery.

BH Defense is also working to make the Peloton Big Data engine available on the GSA Schedule for government clients.

“With real-time analytics,” says Dublin, “we give our clients a real-world advantage in meeting challenges and seizing opportunities as they emerge. It’s analysis that can prove life-saving.”

About BH Defense LLC: BH Defense is a small, agile security firm with the expertise to attack big risks for government, military and commercial enterprises anywhere in the world. Since 2004, the firm has achieved 100% success on projects to mitigate clients’ risks and “get the job done” with security, logistics, O&M, construction, training and project management under the most difficult conditions.

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