BH Defense was recently awarded a $12M modification to its existing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract to support the International Iraqi Academy in Baghdad, Iraq through 31 March 2015. An additional $13M in funds are also being allocated to provide for a refurbishment of existing facilities with a new language lab, auditorium, barracks and other facilities needed to fully develop the academy support infrastructure. The purpose of this large FMS contract is to enable the Government of Iraq to develop the capacity to run a Professional Military Education (PME) campus focused on developing Iraq’s senior military leadership to include administration, operations, facilities, and teaching excellence. The IIA Security Assistance Team (SAT) objectives are to provide all necessary equipment, training, sustainment, and support for the IIA while simultaneously training the GOI personnel to assume all functions of IIA operations, with an end state of GOI personnel able to operate and sustain the IIA independently for three years after contract award.

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