Precision-Guided Rifles Helps Novice Win

2015 BH Defense American Sniper Shootout

Using a TrackingPoint precision-guided rifle, novice shooter Taya Kyle (widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle) outscored NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt to win $1M for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation at the 1st Annual American Sniper Shootout co-sponsored by BH Defense and Bullseye Guns.

In the 2015 American Sniper Shootout sponsored by Bullseye Guns and international threat-management company BH Defense, novice shooter Taya Kyle (widow of Chris Kyle) faced off against NRA shooting champion Bruce Piatt. They executed shots under realistic battlefield conditions, including those involving unknown distances, moving targets, blind shots and a simulation of Chris Kyle’s famous long-distance “Sadr City shot” featured in the film, American Sniper. At the end of the 29-target competition, Bruce Piatt had made 58.4 percent of his shots. Taya Kyle had made 100 percent, crediting TrackingPoint rifles with helping her make the moving-target and canted shots that Piatt did not.

Rifle technology turns novices into sharpshooters

american sniper shootout
In arming herself for the competition, Taya Kyle looked to TrackingPoint technology developedfrom conversations with her husband about battlefield conditions. She chose Tracking Point’s new M600, M800 and XS1 firearms that include features such as RapidLok Target Acquisition: As the warfighter pulls the trigger, the technology automatically acquires and tracks the target, and calculates range and velocity all in the split second it takes to pull the trigger. Kyle attributed the rifles’ advanced technology with helping her make 100 percent of those blind shots, “I am passionate about getting the TrackingPoint guns into our warrior’s hands,” Taya Kyle said after the competition. “They are willing to give their lives for us; the least we can do is give them our very best in that fight.”

Making a difference on the battlefield and the homefront

In sponsoring the American Sniper Shootout, BH Defense CEO C. Patrick Dublin said the event highlighted what his risk-mitigation firm stands for: “Success comes from addressing even the smallest details that could put people, assets and success at risk,” he said. “Being able to take accurate shots while remaining hidden mitigates a major risk for warfighters on the battlefield.”

Meanwhile, on the homefront, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation that Taya Kyle founded provides services to mitigate the difficulties that warfighters and first responders often face in returning to everyday family life. Because of the first annual American Sniper Shootout, her Foundation receives $1,000,000.

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