Defense University Military Studies celebrated – Language Institute, the martyr Nofal Hall on Thursday, December 8, 2016 morning, the graduation of core courses to separate second training for the current year, where she graduated basic course Intensive English language teaching (22) and an average of 26 students and the course of German figure (12) at a rate of six students and second cycle education Persian language.

Intensive English language has adopted the American approach adopted in the Defense Institute for Language Learning in the United States for levels of start – up and above the start – ups, where students learn through which the general military vocabulary and clips of dialogue and study of basic formulas to the rules of the English language and conversation and things daily dealing with the vocabulary of life, the expression for places and the significance of them.

This celebration was attended graduate of the University of Defense Military Studies Lt. Gen. Mohammed Abbas panic, and the deans of the faculties of war and national defense and the director of the Language Institute and director of the Institute of Strategic Studies and a number of senior officers in the Ministry of Defense.
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